Dragonfly, Green Striped Darner

Dragonfly, Green Striped Darner


Most of a dragonfly's life, up to several years, is spent as a nymph living in the water.  Flying adults may only survive for several days or weeks. It's ironic that the dragonfly is often a symbol of change or deep reflection considering that change in or loss of wetland habitats threaten dragonfly populations.

This is a handmade, life-size needlefelted green striped darner dragonfly. The wing pattern and color are an exact replica of this species taken from a photo of a lab specimen. Legs are made to be slightly flexible to pose for display. 

The body length, 3.5"; wing span, 3.9".

Materials: 100% wool, wire, acetate, and wax. 

This is not a toy and not intended for young children. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

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