Mouse With Thread II

Mouse With Thread II


A needle felted mouse sweetly offers you creamy white antique silk thread from it’s tiny paws.

The mouse is made from 100% wool over a wire armature and is fixed to a spool of antique silk thread. The whiskers are horsehair. The entire piece, from ear tips to the bottom of the spool, is 6 inches tall.

The antique wooden spool of silk thread was manufactured by the Belding Bros. & Co. somewhere between 1866 -1925. The company operated mills in Rockville CT, Northampton MA, Belding MI, Petaluma CA, and Montreal Canada. The following information is from the Alvah N. Belding Memorial Library website ( about the Belding mill and the treatment of workers there:
“The conditions at Belding, Michigan, were such that it became necessary to employ a large number of young women who were not residents of the town and in view of obtaining the most intelligent and desirable class, which the nature of their business required, the Belding Brothers & Company built and maintained three high-class boarding houses, “The Ashfield,” “The Belrockton” and “The White Swan,” with ample accommodation for one hundred and twenty-five persons each.
The dormitories were all handsome pieces of architecture and were fitted with all the modern conveniences of their day. Steam heat, hot and cold water, baths, electric lights, free libraries, and comfortably furnished in order to afford the young women employed by Belding Brothers & Co. as good a home as could be found only among the more prosperous citizens of the country. Maintenance of these buildings was not philanthropy, but a business proposition. The Belding Brothers experience had taught that highly intelligent, contented, well-paid employees would produce goods of superior quality and would inspire the success of the establishment. The dormitories were presided over by a matron and governed by rules and regulations similar to those of college dormitories of previous years.

Belding Brothers & Co. had also a well-established corporation hospital at Belding for the convenience and welfare of their employees and their families. The charges were very modest, the equipment modern, and staff well-trained.”

This is not a toy. Keep out of reach of young children and pets. Handle with care.

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